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Want to win a FREE advertisement from Well here’s your Chance!

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10 winners will be randomly chosen each week from our followers on Facebook. They will win an advertisement (125×125) at our blog, up to $100 in value. No purchase required!

 How do I enter?

Simply Like’ our Facebook Fan Page between the period 27 February thru to 31 March 2012. That’s all you have to do.  Ten winners will be chosen randomly at the end of the each week period.

And, if you retweet the following sentence on Twitter you will increase your chances to win!

 Follow @Logoswish and ReTweet this for a chance to win an advertisement up to $100 in value from –


10 places each week – 10 advertisements 125×125 in size at our blog.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Contact Us

1st Week Winners Announced (02 March 2012)

  • Ksenia Strelnikova
  • Sam Partridge
  • Lucy Crow
  • Andrew McMaster
  • Diane Aksten
  • Muhammad Hassan
  • Natalie Hartford
  • Vincenzo Buono
  • Trisha Patel
  • Heather Green

2nd Week Winners Announced (09 March 2012)

  • Jason Lester
  • Andrew Diaz
  • Adam Tomlin
  • Shane Prendergast
  • Robin Mefford
  • Alba Yepson-Carrico
  • Anika Gand
  • Paul Scotton
  • Abhishek Singh Mandloi
  • Eric Meline

3rd Week Winners Announced (16 March 2012)

  • Jonas Kakaroto Honorato
  • Dmitry Simonov
  • Ventsislav Lalev
  • Gfc Theme
  • Mabry Parker Lancaster
  • Jim Holtan
  • Artem Dvorzhak
  • Maciej Kłodaś
  • Steve Ross
  • Grafismo Grafismoa

4th Week Winners Announced (23 March 2012)

  • Jan-Burger Troost
  • Den Parukedonos
  • Shagar Shakil
  • Lindsay Robibero
  • Egyptlaptop Offers
  • Alberto Rodriguez Baez
  • Carrie Louise Henshaw
  • Dionysius Samuel
  • Thiyagu Sivanganam
  • Jason Graham


Please, all winners contact us.

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