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Tri-Fold Brochure Printing at Uprinting

While designing a brochure, an up and coming entrepreneur must ensure two things:

  1. The brochure is visually appealing;
  2. The brochure provides maximum amount of information in an appealing way.
Along with these crucial elements, a brochure must also be affordable to print, as a large number of copies must be made in order to reach out to a wide audience. For an upcoming company, the age old PR activity of distributing brochures must not put an immense drain on resources.
Tri-Fold Brochure Printing at Uprinting

A brochure may come in many different styles: z-folds; roll fold, accordion fold, letter fold, bi fold and tri fold brochures. Yet, over the years, it has been seen, in order to be most effective, brochures are generally printed in the tri fold style. This has several advantages over the bi fold or non folded flyer, invitation, catalogue or other type of brochure:

  1. Maximum efficiency using minimum space – a tri fold brochure has six panels, instead of two sides in a non folded brochure. This means more space for information and pictures, as well as the option to categorize the data. For example, in a brochure dealing with Graphic design, each panel could contain a different price ranged set of works, or different area, and the first panel could identify the company, while the last provides contact info and discount coupons. Despite all this information, a tri fold is easy to carry around, and not as bulky as a book or magazine.
  2. Visual appeal – a tri fold brochure is by many considered more visually appealing than other types, because it allows for more white space, color variation, and placement of information in a more readable font, as opposed to bi fold or single fold, where, due to lack of space, the information has to be crammed in, making the first impression extremely messy.

Customization – at UPrinting, tri fold brochures can be customized to suit all your needs, and the safe zone, trim lines, bleeds, fonts, color detail and other features adapted to target your preferred reader niche. They are all printed on durable 10 pt cardstock or 100l paper, and can be of standard pre determined template, or custom made. The easy design tool also allows you to upload your own designs and make adjustments to it.


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