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Top 20 Best Fonts for Design

There are some sites that have been prepared for free fonts. But when we need to write something, every writer needs one or two best fonts according to his need and demand of the writing style. Some fonts are for article writing, some are for textbook writing while some are for advertisements. Every font does its best in its specific field for which it has been selected. is one of the most popular websites that is loaded with huge selection of fonts. is again a website from which you can have font of your own choice as there are abundant writing styles that can be selected by people. Some users want to have their own font and is a website for them that can help them a lot for this purpose.

Now let us discuss the top 20 best fonts that are the selection of every second user. There will be brief description of every font also so that readers may not have any problem if they have to select any of them.

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Serif fonts:

In the category of typography, serif fonts are semi structural in their details.

Sans serif:

A typeface that is without serif is called sans serif because in French language sans means without.

Here are top 20 font styles.

Sans fonts:

1.    Adobe Caslon Pro:

This font is for magazines, text books and journals.

2.    Adobe Garamond Pro:

This is again for magazines and textbooks.

3.    Baskerville Original Pro:

This can be used for bill boards and hoardings.

4.    Bembo:

This font style is for textbooks, posters and packaging.

5.    Bodoni Book:

This is best for text, logo and headlines.

6.    Clarendon:

This can be used for headlines and dictionaries.

7.    Courier New:

This is for technical type of documents.

8.    Excelsior:

This is for proposals and newsletters.

9.    Lucida:

This font is for resolution type of printing.

10. Minion pro:

Newsletters and edition books can be written with this font style.

Sans serif fonts:

1.    Avenir:

This font is for books that can be changed in size of writer’s wish.

2.    Akzidenz Grotesk:

This font is for print media.

3.    Helvetica:

This writing tone is for book writers.

4.    Bell Gothic:

This is for small text that has large information in it.

5.    Franklin Gothic:

This writing tone is especially for newspapers.

6.    Geneva:

Geneva can be used by print media and by text book writers as well.

7.    Din Condenced:

Din is used for displays and posters.

8.    Futura:

Future has large type of displays in it and small as well that is used for text books.

9.    Myriad Pro

10. Zurich:

This font is used for print media especially and does its best when used.


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