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SEO Techniques All Top Websites Should Use


Many website owners are of the view that SEO techniques is a tool that can do great job for development of the traffic on their website. These are the people who are in search of comprehending traffic to visit their website and SEO is a tool according to them to achieve their aim. Many SEO techniques are there through which you can create attraction in your website. This is the reason that why top websites should use SEO techniques. People are attracted towards your website, which means constructive steps are being taken towards your website.

Here are some of the SEO techniques that must be used by top websites that will help to have good results.


The page with name of title plays a very important role to index your website. The title should have words to describe about the page. This is the first thing that people will get to know when they will visit your website.

Correct use of heading tags:

This element should be preferred when you are supposed to write the contents of your website. This step will not only help users to identify your website but search engines will also get to know about the key words of your website content. Heading tags will let visitors know that for what purpose your pages are.

Title attributions:

Title attribution is again another SEO techniques that should be used by top websites. Titles are attributed on links and title pops up when you just go on this link. Titles attributions are very important and useful as well as one is identified in this way.

 Image attributions:

This is another very useful SEO technique in which images are added in the website. In this way, you can get more ranks about the website as it happens in almost every second case. Website owners can add more text in their website that will help people to know about their websites.


I am sure that you must have listened about link building tool of SEO techniques. The number of links that are pointing to your website will help you to get a higher rank. You just need to have niche directories through which you can submit your link to have a connection to your website.

There are many other techniques also that must be used by top websites but these were few of them. If you have a chance to check the journey of successful websites, you will get to know that all of these sites have passed and done the steps what were SEO techniques.

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