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25+ Inspirational Logo Design Ideas from Pinterest

Previously we announced our board on Pinterest called Best Logo Collection ( Created by Logo Designers ). So, what is unique about this board? Well, now best logo designers will select their favorite logos on the web and place them all in one location. Our visitors will be able to get inspiration directly from logo masters. Each month Logoswish will collect top logos from this board and place them in our logo inspiration gallery.

We’re all about finding and sharing the coolest stuff on the web, so naturally we’re also big fans of Pinterest.  Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web, and we’ve already got a few pinboards up for you to check out! Browsing pinboards is a fun and visual way to discover new things.

Logo design is an important area of graphic design, and one of the most difficult to perfect. Designing a good logo is not a simple task and requires a lot of involvement from the marketing team and the design agency. Imaginative thinking, creativity enhances the logo designs.  Someone who is interested in the field of graphic design or logo design needs to make himself familiar with every intricate details related to the work.

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25+ Inspirational Logo Design Ideas from Pinterest

Simplion by Utopia

Inspirational Logo Design Ideas from Pinterest

 Ken Miyoshi by Utopia

Ken Miyoshi

 Wild Fire by Utopia

Wild Fire by Utopia Branding

 Learngolf by Utopia


 Foxography by Stevan Rodic


 Adflatus by Utopia


 Class Atlas by Utopia

Class Atlas

 Wilfredon by Boldflower

Boldflower - Wilfredon

 Gruppe 991 by Utopia

Gruppe 991

 Baby Ninja by Boldflower

Boldflower - Baby Ninja

 Milk by Luis Lopez Grueiro

Milk by Luis Lopez Grueiro

 Lawdingo Logo Design by Utopia

Lawdingo Logo Design by Utopia

 Todavia by Gert van Duinen

Todavia by Gert van Duinen

 Honolulu Film Festival by Alexander Wende

Honolulu Film Festival by Alexander Wende

 Killed Productions by Sean Heisler

Killed Productions

 Heartsun by Paulius Kairevičius

Heartsun by Paulius Kairevičius

 Bond by Utopia


 SnailArt by Utopia


 Enamoured Iris by Stevan Rodic

Enamoured Iris

 Utopia Logo Design by Utopia

Utopia Logo Design

 Freshcreations by Gert van Duinen


 Huemanity Creative by Utopia

Huemanity Creative

 Norden by Utopia


 Dating Logo Design by Paulius Kairevičius

Dating Logo Design

 Bearwine by Boldflower

Boldflower - Bearwine

 Jose by Gert van Duinen


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