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How to Drive Traffic to your Website

Once you have built one of your own website, the next tough part is to how to drive the traffic towards it? This process is especially difficult when you do not have endless resources to spend on paid advertisements. Moreover, you also do not hold an e-mail list, which means this process is also cannot be used. So, what to do next? The answer is simple, try some of the below mentioned easy, as well as free ways to drive traffic towards your new websites.

  • Forum Based Marketing Tool: Make a search on the Google for keyword+forums. Search within the forums, which are in connection to the topic of your website. Join these forums and introduce your website on them. Also, post at least one thread or a response a day so as to create exposure for the related audience of your website.
  • Search Engine Marketing Tool: Get to know everything about SEO and apply it on every page so as to get it optimized. By optimizing your website, you can generate good traffic towards your website.
  • Social Networking: Create profiles at all the popular social networking sites. Get in a network connection with the people belonging to your niche and get yourself established on those websites. You can also make use of the photo marketing tool through, which you can portray, a visible promotion of your website.
  • Article Marketing Tool: Write down at least 3 articles, which are in connection to the subject of your website. Write down a brief introduction of your website and get it linked to the website at the end of every article. Moreover, also submit them to several article based directories on the web along with to several of the webmaster, which ranks well to your keywords.
  • Yahoo! Answers: Visit the website and find out the answers to the questions related to your website niche. If the answers are legitimate, you can insert a link as a reference URL, or a resource in your website. Through this, you will be able to create the interest of visiting your website among net surfers as you are helping them.
  • Making Blogs: This technique is considered to be a stand-alone marketing technique to drive traffic towards your website. Blogging requires the posting of the content within it frequently and quickly and for a maximum of 3 – 5 times a week.

Using these strategies as your initial action to divert traffic to your website is quite effective. Ensure that you consistently market your website in several different ways as your point is to get your website maximum exposure and regular traffic.

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