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7 Facts and Myths of HTML5


As Opera evangelist Bruce Lawson puts it, “Everyone’s talking about HTML5”. It’s perhaps the most hyped technology since people started putting rounded corners & gradients on everything. In fact, a lot of what people call HTML5 is actually just old-fashioned DHTML or AJAX. Mixed in with all the information is a lot of misinformation.

HTML5 is simply a new set of standards, semantics and rules for coding website markup that can take advantage of several new “native” browser features such as offline storage, multi-media playback and a small level of interaction. Much of what we see on HTML5 websites that is really cool or innovative isn’t the actual markup, but a combination of CSS3 and jQuery, both themselves new and exciting standards evolving right alongside HTML5.

As designers, we tend not to fuss about with code and semantics and JavaScript this or that, but whether your expertise is in identity and print design or includes a little of web design, expanding your comfort zone to include the fundamentals of these new technologies is necessary to stay competitive and sharp in our crowded industry.

For now, let’s dispel some myths about HTML5 to pique your interest. There are several HTML5 resources at the bottom for those of you who want to learn more.

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