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Dribbble Invite

Dribbble Invite

I would like to say thank you all that sent me inquiries for the invite. It was really hard to choose between very talented artists.

Invite WINNER > Pokras Lampas > Portfolio

To Everyone:

1. All participant who sent me dribbble invite screenshots will be placed to our Logoswish prospects page. This page is going to be promoted via social media and our website. It was created with aim to help potential dribbblers (prospects) get a dribbble invite and get a the chance to be discovered and drafted.

2. Also check our dribbble invite list for the latest dribbble invites available across the web.

We have one invite and we would like to invite new talent.

Here are the rules:
1. Send us your best screenshot using special form on our website (prospects upload).
2. Follow us on dribbble.

Optionally (may increase your chances).
Like this shot and tweet about it.
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Please, submit your shots until March 31th.

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