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Message for all the graphic designers and creatives

Logoswish is our non-profit blog and also is an excellent resource of daily inspiration. We trying to promote the works of talented artists from all over the world like you and share with other people worldwide. We like what we do and would like to do it further. At this stage we would like to find our supporters. We don’t want to call it banners or ad space. It more like supporting each other. All the money raised through the campaign will go to maintain this website.

Some Statistics:

  • Number of Yearly Visitors: 200,000+ and rising

  • Number of Yearly Page views: 400,000+ and rising

  • Subscribers and followers: 8000+

Banner Specifications:

  • 16×16 px

  • Link to your website/portfolio/personal project.

  • Your images will be placed on the right side of the blog (see image).

Link must be related to design industry. Otherwise your banner won’t be accepted.


  • $9 till the end of this year (31.12.2013). Your icon will be on every page whole year. Cool Huh ? And you pay only after have we placed the favicon (16x16px) on our website.

Would like to reserve your space?

Please, Contact Us using the form below.

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