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Awards – Logo Inspiration Gallery

March 2013

Bulb Fiction by Tomasz Loska

Designer Name: Tomasz Loska 
Logo Name: 
Bulb Fiction
Logo Description: 
Logo design for interactive agency.

February 2013

Boca Tanning Club by Artem Dvorzhak

Designer Name: Artem Dvorzhak
Logo Name: 
Boca Tanning Club
Logo Description: 
Logo design for a tanning club.

January 2013

French Wine by Paulius Kairevičius

Designer Name: Paulius Kairevicius
Logo Name: 
French Wine
Logo Description: 
Logo design for French Wine.

December 2012

All4leo LeBaby

Designer Name: All4leo
Logo Name: 
Logo Description: 
Logo design for e-hop, where you will find all kids stuff.

November 2012

Soverinn by Srdjan Kirtic

Designer Name: Srdjan Kirtic
Logo Name: 
Logo Description: 
Logo design for a booking engine/online reservation system for hoteliers that run small, independent or boutique hotels.

October 2012

Marmelo Cocktails by Arnas Goldbergas

Designer Name: Arnas Goldbergas
Logo Name: 
Marmelo Cocktails
Logo Description: 
Logo design for a bar.

September 2012

Jewlietta by Stelian Vasile

Designer Name: Stelian Vasile
Logo Name: 
Logo Description: 
Logo design for a Jewelry and Watches store.

August 2012

Rich Scott Umbrella Foundation Logo Design Inspiration

Designer Name: Designabot
Logo Name: Umbrella Foundation

July 2012

Ronou by Cris Labno

Designer Name: Cris Labno
Logo Name: 
Logo Description: 
Logo design for lifeguard accessories.

June 2012

Realmac Software by Denis Olenik

Designer Name: Denis Olenik
Logo Name: 
Realmac Software
Logo Description: 
Logo design for company producing breathtaking Mac and iOS Apps.

May 2012

Jumpshare by Muhammad Ali Effendy

Designer Name: Muhammad Ali Effendy
Logo Name: 
Logo Description: 
Logo concept for a upcoming file sharing startup.

April 2012

Qualitalia by Different Perspective

Designer Name: Maciej Kłodaś – Different Perspective
Logo Name: Qualitalia
Logo Description: Logo made for a small but special Italian language school in Warsaw / Poland

March 2012

Hanna Monika Mateusz Turbiński

Designer Name: Mateusz Turbiński
Logo Name: Hanna Monika
Logo Description: Logo for photographer from Greece

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