Logoswish create designs for people who want their own identity.

Logoswish established their design consultancy in 2001 with a primary focus on logo design and corporate identity. We have experience working with different budget projects. We understand how to provide quality services to our customers through individual attention, and provide satisfaction to each of our clients. Logoswish provide excellent value for money.

General idea of Logoswish provides logo design for small business, individuals (who has personal business activity such as bloggers, photographers, realtors etc.), invents (Expeditions, Forums, meetings etc.) and projects visualization.

We specialise in pre-made logo templates to increase both value, but also to shorten the time taken to kick-off a design identity project. Choosing the right logo or corporate design need not be a laborious task. We give you the logo you wish for.

To create quality designs for our clients within a friendly and collaborative approach.

To ensure every customer we provide services for are satisfied, feel they have received excellent value and would recommend us to a colleague or friend.

Logoswish – logo you wish.

Logoswish Blog

Also Logoswish is an excellent resource of graphic design material for designers, graphic artists, web designers, illustrators, photographers, bloggers, filmmakers, small business owners, web developers, artists or just regular people looking for inspiration everyday. We promote the works of talented artists from all over the world and share with other people worldwide. Our goal is to ensure every visitor we provide information for are satisfied, feel they have received excellent experience and would recommend us to a colleague or friend. We provide graphic design and art-oriented articles. There are several categories on our blog you could browse through, depending on your interests. For example Inspiration, Resources, Tutorials & Freebies where we provide qualitative free material that you can download from the internet and use it for your own designs.

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