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42 Great After Effects Video Tutorials

Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool for digital motion graphics and compositing software. It allows users to animate in 2d and 3d space. Everyone like visual effects seen in movies, you may think you want to create similar effects like this. This software is really amazing and powerful. It’s even more interesting if you have some tutorials to start learning.  In this post, we collected the best Adobe After Effects tutorials and feature it in here. You will learn how to create different After Effect effects like light streaks, animate a still image, planet explosion, earth zoom etc.

Take a look at the collection of 42 Great After Effects Video Tutorials you need to learn. These tutorials are for advance, beginners and intermediate users.

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The Ring

Futuristic HUD

Energy Wipe

Light Streaks 2

Colorful Universe

Advanced Camera Tips

Fracture Design

Scene Re-Lighting

3D Light Casting

Energetic Titles

Fancy Title Plate

Dead Planet

Smoke Screen

Ancient Titles


3D Stroke Effect

Magical Hits

Dynamic Machine Gun

Epic Shatter

3D Set Extensions

Smoke Trails

3D Ball Dispersion

Light Glow


Camera Shake with Wiggler

Medical Zoom 01

Earth Zoom

Time Freeze

The Blue Planet in 3D

Glass Orbs

Dynamic Bar Graphs

3D Ledge

Procedural Crumble

Planet Explosion

Light Streaks

Create a Futuristic Floating Hologram Effect

Create a 3D DNA Strain

Cinematic Opening Title Redux

Create a MoGraph Urban Jungle

Galactic Orb

Animating a Still

Blueprint Reveal


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