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20 Medical/Healthcare Logo Design Examples for Inspiration

Any health related matter has always kept the heart pumping in palpitation. Hence much sensitivity is expected when it comes to designing medical logos. The design is to create a positive aura in the minds of all. The purpose of such medical logo design is to convey the message of its service that will be effectively rendered.  This is of prime importance. Once the design has been convincing, half the job is already done.

There are medical logo design that have been quite intricately designed.  This indicated that it has won the trust of the concerned people. It did leave behind an indelible mark of positivity in their minds.  The medical logo design represents a particular company or brand. It carries forward the message of the respective companies or brands.  Furthermore it throws light upon its kind of business specialization.

Medical logo designs are known to make use of some of the very patent colors that include blue, green, red and grey. The first 3 colors are known to carry a note of vitality and freshness. These are very bright colors and have an inspiring feeling in which one can delve into.  It is as well indicative of the kind of generosity and hospitality one can be assured of getting. There is a note of care and concern in almost all medical logos.

They have been specially designed keeping all these in mind. Themes upon wellness have been highlighted much.  The medical logo designs have been specially designed by team of graphic designers catering to minute details that would catch the attention of many. To render a look of cleanliness and beauty, green and blue are the most preferably chosen colors for medical logo designs.  One can go through a number of health logos and adopt ideas for the next health designing project.

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20 Medical/Healthcare Logo Design Examples for Inspiration

Medica Ventures

Medical Logo Design (1)


Medical Logo Design (2)

 Premium Healthcare

Medical Logo Design (3)

 AWHPA logo

Medical Logo Design (4)

 Medical Point logo design

Medical Logo Design (5)

 Vital Imaging

Medical Logo Design (6)

 Harmony Veterinary Clinic

Medical Logo Design (7)


Medical Logo Design (8)

 Heart Training Center

Medical Logo Design (9)

 Healthy Boom

Medical Logo Design (10)


Medical Logo Design (11)

 iPEP-C.a.r.e. HIV Prevention Logo

Medical Logo Design (12)


 Royal Care

Medical Logo Design (14)

 Visiting Nurse

Medical Logo Design (15)


Medical Logo Design (16)

Apple Dentistry

Medical Logo Design (17)


Medical Logo Design (18)

 One Twenty Eighty

Medical Logo Design (19)


Medical Logo Design (20)




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