Inspiration February 19, 2012 7:14 pm

20+ Inspiring Examples of Night Photography

After the sun has set, night brings a new an exciting challenge for photographers.  Shooting under low light is challenging, but by getting familiar with the shutter speed, exposures, lightning and taking advantages of surrounding objects often help compensate the light and create amazing output. Here we prepared 20+ Examples of Night Photography to give you an inspiration. Enjoy!

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The City by Night

Another night in Paradise


Magic Carpet Ride

Night Reflections

Night Watcher

Night glow

The Eye at Night

Senso-ji, Night Activities II

Night Lightnings Shutter

Budapest by Night

The pyramid by night

Echoes of the Night

Under the foggy bridge

The Night Sight

Colosseo by night

Night in Dubai

Clouds ‘n lights

Hong Kong : Big City Lights 1

Miami at Night II





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