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16 Ways to Promote your Website

Many people now have their own websites and they remain busy in maintenance of their website. Some people have made it as their source of income and earnings. The purpose of all websites is to deal with different types of topics because abundant visitors search and visit these websites on daily basis. Now, itdepends upon you that what kind of steps you do for promotion of your website. Here are top 16 ways that will show you the ways for promotion of your website.

1.    Blogs:

Blogging is one of the best ways to promote your website to connect with other people. These are for the support of websites to raise the traffic of people.

2.    Social networking websites:

Social networking websites have become a trend today but you can make proper use of these sites to promote your website. Many friends of you will be there on Facebook, G+ or Twitter through which you can promote your website by posting and having comments.

3.    Directories:

Directories are set in a website for keeping people in one website. If you are an article writer, try to post your articles in such sites.

4.    Contests:

You can promote your website by having contests in them. These different types of competitions in your website will enhance the traffic on your website.

5.    Networking:

There are many communities that are working online in form of forums to promote websites of people. You can also meet these people that will help you a lot for the progress and promotion of your website.

6.    Different forums:

You can have a chance to join different forums by answering the questions. These forums of questions will help a lot to promote your website.

7.    Classifieds:

In this way, you can post articles on your website through which people get to know more and more about your website. Items are divided in portions for convenience of searchers.

8.    Text advertising:

Banners on a website not only add beauty but demand expertise also that do really a great job for the development of a website.

9.    Add portfolio:

If you want to promote your website, add portfolio site in it through which people will get to know about whom they are reading.

10. Add tutorial:

Add tutorial site in your website through which people will be able to check more and more about your website and will seek help when need.

11. Bait of links:

Take the help of links and book marking that will attract people towards them and people will have chances to read more and more.

12. Marketing through Email:

There must be an option in your site where visitors may have a chance to get updates about your website. Thus more and more people will join your site as they receive updates through mails.

13. Option of videos:

When you want more and more people in your website, there must be a video about attractions in it. Thus, chances will be greater than any other option.

14. Advertising through printing:

Another option for promotion of website is the help of print advertising. In this option you can print all the qualities that should have quality to attract people towards them.

15. eBooks:

Create an eBook for promotion of our site through offline ways. This is up to you whether you sale it or distribute it among people for free.

16. Oral conversation:

This is one of the oldest yet popular ways to promote your website that can promote your website in an effective way. Different things are used for this purpose that do really a great job.

There are numerous ways that can be used for promotion of your website and these were popular 16 ways for this purpose.

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